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The Front Page of Customer Service

Ezra digitizes the customer service experience, making the entire process faster, friendlier, and shockingly more efficient.

Why Choose Ezra

Shockingly Simple

With a completely digital approach, there's no need to find a number to contact, listen through department options, and wait on hold. Now you can navigate the channels of customer service in seconds, and get a call you when it's your turn to speak.

Cloud Platform


You can now post about and review your customer service experience on the spot, sharing it with your friends and the rest of the world. There's less to worry about when you have the entire world to speak with.

Our solution is entirely cloud based, meaning that your phone does not need to do anything. As soon as it's your turn to speak to a rep, we call you and you're instantly connected.


Other customer service solutions are built for businesses. Ezra is built for customers. That's a real customer service solution.


Pick the Company

Select the company you're trying to reach

We work with hundreds of US companies across many different client-centered industries


Click the Department

Click through their departments to make sure you're speaking with the right person

No more spending time listening through greetings and options. Just tap on which department you'd like to reach.



We'll call you when it's your turn to speak

Using our cloud approach, you just get a call as soon as the music's over and it's your turn to speak with an agent.



Review your experience and share it with the entire world

We're connected with your Facebook account, so share with your friends and the rest of the world!